Hello there. My name is Robert Luckett and I am a freelance creative mercenary for hire. I’ve worked in so many different fields across the creative industries from writing to illustrating, animating and more that it just became easier to describe myself this way! I currently live in Leeds (UK) with my talented wife Rachel Connor.

Beginning my creative career while still in secondary school, I wrote and illustrated a webcomic in the early 00’s. Having a passion for videogames since the age of six-years old and unwrapping a Commodore 64, it was a surprise to nobody that my degree at Lincoln University (Hull campus) was a BA Hons in Games Design where I graduated with a 2:1 in 2006. While there I also self-taught myself animation skills with which I created a full animated pilot based on my old webcomic; Waffle X.

Working in London for a period, I worked at a couple of videogame production houses, and worked as a 2D animator and game designer on a Flash web-game project or two. I even found myself thrust into the role of producer on a delayed/doomed project I managed to boot out the door. It was a thankless job with long hours, an insane commute, and little accountability with studio owners and top managers. I moved shortly thereafter to Leeds and created my perfect home office, worked some freelance design, and also became a middleweight copywriter during the daily deal boom. Deadlines would often come in the form of “in the next 10 minutes” as I assumed the role of an “Emergency ‘Code Red’ Writer”. This sounds dramatic, but when you’re writing copy advertising the fifth Zumba class going up that day, it’s hard to induce unique interest.

In present day, I’ve come full circle and returned to making comic books. Working with Rachel, I’ve co-written a trilogy of graphic novels based on the Cartoon Network property Regular Show, and created my own action adventure series about fart-fighting, BUMSTORM. I've also worked as a creative planner on an upcoming novel series and helped co-develop original comicbook series pitches in the role of a Big Picture Editor. Recently I've also begun dabbling with animation created in virtual reality. Some may say I’m something of a jack of all creative trades, but they’d be wrong; my name is Robert.


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Creative Writing Work

Assorted creative work ranging from the co-writing the scripts of Regular Show Original Graphic novels, creating my own comic series, and also big-picture editing pitches and projects.

Copywriting Work

Working for a leading daily deal website, I wrote over 1600 articles of 130 word copy. Often writing to dramatically short deadlines, these had to be suitable for email formatting and covered everything from fish pedicures to hotel and activity packages.

Assorted Illustration

A choice collection of artpieces for your peepers including comic work, character design, fanart, article headers, and more. I work almost exclusively in digital illustration in a wide range of software.

Waffle X Pilot

A 10 minute fully animated and voiced pilot episode of a cartoon based around the adventure of a teenage boy and a sentient potato waffle. Achieved two daily features on Newgrounds.com.

Assorted Design Work

Work from my more graphic design based projects with a focus on clearly communicated information. Flyers, prints, logo design, T-shirt design and more examples await your eager eyes.


A duo of levels created in LittleBigPlanet that achieved acclaim for their visual design, humour, and boss encounters. An exercise in alternative thinking to get working, they were also featured by the developer MediaMolecule.

Assorted Pixel-Art/Animations

Roll up, roll up: here be examples of my work in spriting for a few personal video projects, custom emoticons, as well as the odd minature sized fan animation or two as well.


Look at how happy that octopus royalty over there is with his material wealth! It just so happens I have materials of my own to sell you such as copies of BUMSTORM.

You can now buy digital comics from my Gumroad store by clicking here:

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